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For the production of contact lenses, we developed the stainless steel piping of a new machine for a customer, which meets the highest quality standards. The 15 meter long machine cleans the contact lenses in different baths.  To ensure the absence of germs and bacteria, the liquids are kept permanently at 80 degrees Celsius by a sterile flow heater. This sterile flow heater was designed and manufactured by us individually for our customer.

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To ensure the high quality of our products during welding, we continuously train our employees in:

Visual testing (VT), Painted testing (PT) and video endoscopy.

In total, three of our employees are trained as international welding specialists (IWS).


2019 Assembly of a complete production line for pharmaceutical products

2019 New surface technology department: grinding / pickling / polishing


Sep. - Dec. 2018 Expansion of production area in plant construction and further subdivision into prefabrication and final assembly area.

Expansion of the sterile flange warehouse

In May/June 2018, we expanded our sterile flange warehouse.

DIN 32676 + DIN 11864     1-3

new turning-milling centers for sterile flange machining

Jan. 2018 + May 2018 two new turning-milling centers for sterile flange machining.