Rating systems such as Ecovadis are gaining increasing importance in the industry when it comes to assessing the sustainability of companies. Ecovadis focuses on four main areas:

  1. Environmental impact: This includes the responsibility for the environmental impact of our own activities, such as energy consumption in production and office spaces, as well as the use of chemicals. This applies to both products and services.
  2. Ethics: This pertains to topics such as corruption and bribery, anti-competitive practices, and responsible marketing.
  3. Sustainable procurement: This covers the origin of resources and parts, their production methods, and the existing CSR management systems among suppliers.
  4. Human resources: This addresses questions related to health and safety, working conditions, structured social dialogue, career management, and training. Additionally, human rights issues are examined to prevent child labor, forced labor, and discrimination.

We have undergone the Ecovadis Sustainability Rating 2023 and are pleased with our performance in sustainability management. Achieving the Bronze status is an important milestone for us and simultaneously encourages us to actively continue shaping our sustainability management. We aim for the Silver status and will work towards it by implementing additional measures

REMONDIS sustainability certificate As a leading company in the areas of recycling, service and water, REMONDIS recorded the waste flows of GFA Steriltechnik in 2022. Various types of waste such as mixed waste for recycling, high-alloy scrap, paper, cardboard, cardboard and steel scrap were taken into account. The waste balance was calculated in accordance with the guidelines for life cycle assessments in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14040.

In 2022, your company was able to make significant contributions to environmental and climate protection. Total were

- 12.5 tons of primary raw materials saved

- 32.4 MWh of energy saved or gained

- 3.6 tons CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases

are reduced GFA Steriltechnik relies on effective waste management that aims to minimize resource consumption and environmental impact. A key strategy is to reuse packaging materials and replace traditional materials with sustainable alternatives. As a result, the use of resources should be optimized and the environmental impact reduced again this year.

Sustainability certificate 2022