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Article in the Remscheider Generalanzeiger - by RAINER TIMM

Water treatment plant
Water treatment plant

"Then this week everything was ready and this week it was packed. At GFA Steriltechnik on Bockhackerstrasse, one of the largest multiple distillation plants was built in three months in cooperation with the company Letzner - Pharmawasseraufbereitung. After various test runs in Winterhagen, the plant will be transported to other European countries by a special transporter.

Meike Zimmerbeutel of GFA Steriltechnik: 'Eleven kilometers of piping were installed in shell-and-tube heat exchangers.' Around 15 tons of stainless steel were processed. This mammoth plant manages 6000 liters of distillate per hour.

'We are delighted with the successful cooperation and collaboration of our 26-member team and our plant manager Vitali Wiebe,' said Axel Zimmerbeutel, managing director of GFA. 'In addition, we are proud that we were able to bring such a large project to completion in cooperation with the Letzner company, with Managing Director Hans Hermann Letzner and Project Managers Thomas Rücker and Jörg Gabriel.'

What was once called GFH Metallbau was renamed GFA Steriltechnik two years ago. Managing director Axel Zimmerbeutel speaks of a good development. The company has established itself in the metal industry over two decades. GFA is a service provider in the field of pharmaceutical plant engineering, turning and milling technology and in the sterile technology sector. The Hückeswagen-based company's product range extends from stainless steel applications for biotechnology (bacteria cultivation) to water treatment plants for pharmaceuticals and components for dialysis technology."

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